Sustainable values translated into sustainable practices allow you and your furry baby to make a difference

You hear brands throwing around the word sustainable quite often these days. What does sustainable mean to LE CALICÓ? Sustainable means 100% real leather, that is plastic-free, organic, cruelty-free, recyclable, and created at the LWG silver standard. Sustainable means choosing 70% energy-efficient factories that work towards carbon neutrality through the use of LED lamps and a 140 kws solar-powered system. Sustainability means ensuring the safety of our products through practices that are free from any trace of carcinogenic or mutagenic materials. Our close and trusting relationship with artisans working for family-run, small businesses allows us to hone in on the most efficient and beneficial sustainable practices for the sake of our planet and our pets.

At LE CALICÓ we share a love for all creatures, whether that is an eight-pound fur baby or a 2,000-pound cow. Our priority in sourcing our leather was procuring a humane process. We are proud to share that the cows we source our leather from are pasture-raised. This natural and untethered lifestyle promotes the overall health of the animal. These beautiful creatures live a life free from the pain of cages which often inflict injury on their skin. As a result, the skin from pasture-raised cows becomes a resource that is fully utilized due to the untouched quality. As a consumer of LE CALICÓ you can feel good about purchasing our products knowing that the excellent quality of our leather is derived from sustainable and humane practices.