Our co-founders’s eye for quality, design, and craftsmanship is derived from their many years of experience in all levels of top Italian companies. Their adoration of animals fuels their passion for all things that enhance the everyday lives of their four-legged companions. Our founder’s experience with dog training in the army further strengthened his love for the intelligent and loyal creatures that we are lucky to call family. Our co-founders believe that our fur babies merit the right to wear quality and stylish accessories because they should be rewarded for all of the happiness they bring to our lives.

Our founders joined forces with their friend and designer Marianna. Marianna’s experience in designing fashion accessories and her passion for dogs completed the perfect team. The alignment of our founders’ and Marianna’s extensive experience with the world of design, their rich Italian heritage, and their love for animals sparked an idea that would bring their passions together in perfect harmony. Today, you know this idea as LE CALICÓ.

“Calico” means multicolor in different languages. The name LE CALICÓ took inspiration from our founders’s kitty Amelié, a lovely three-color Ragdoll. Amelié is the only lucky survivor of a four-kitten litter. Against all odds, her strength and her love for her pet parents allowed her to fight and overcome two severe illnesses within the first three years of her life. Her colors are a combination of her mom’s (Layla) and her dad’s (Teddy) colors, arranged in a mix of irregular color spots that make her unique and beautiful. As a nod to its meaning, the signature Dolce line of LE CALICÓ is unmistakably designed with three different tones per product. 

Fun fact: Did you know that most calico cats are Female? That’s right, in cats this genetic trait is generally tied to females. Therefore, it is fairly rare to find calico male cats.