Quality that endures the love for your fur baby

The genuine quality of materials can quite literally make or break a product. At LE CALICÓ we value transparency because we are proud of our materials. Unlike most manufacturers, we do not use any Zamak-based hardware. Our hardware is made from heavy-duty brass that is sourced from artisans in Lombardia, Italy, who have worked in the metals industry for over 100 years. The brass that we use for our products is approximately 300% more durable than Zamak, yet it won’t make our accessory heavy to wear. The durability of pure brass ensures that no matter how many puddles are rolled, or snowy expeditions are made, your LE CALICÓ products will be with you and your fur baby for the long haul. Also, the durability and heavy-duty strength of our brass hardware fit the rough and tough lifestyle of any larger fur baby.

We constructed our high-end clothing collection with functionality and fashion in mind. Our furs and fabrics are smooth and soft to the touch and will be sure to protect your fur baby from the elements. The materials that we use are sourced from the same producers of the luxury designer fashion brands that you have known and trusted for decades. Offering the luxurious comfort and style of our clothes to your fur baby is the ultimate gift to express your appreciation for their endless love. 

The highest quality products can only be derived from the highest quality manufacturing process, including the production of our fine Italian leathers. We value sustainable and cruelty-free processes, which is why the leather we use is cow leather. Also, we do NOT use any exotic leather; the crocodile print on some of our leather products is embossed to create texture. The beauty of our products lies not only in the impeccable appearance, but in the quality, and high standards of morality. At LE CALICÓ, we love our fur babies, and all animals are precious.