Top 5 benefits of DOGA

By Emily Oliveras

This is your sign for you and your fur baby to reach nirvana together. Ok, but seriously, if you haven’t tried doga, dog yoga, you really should.

In this new era of self-love and self-care, we have seen some pretty interesting intersections between hobbies and yoga. Some of our favorites include goat yoga, wine yoga, aerial yoga, and of course, doga. Doga is not only fun for you and your fur baby but also offers benefits that can positively impact your day-to-day life.

What is DOGA?

Ok, so doga? Doga has been practiced since the 1800s, but the term was coined in 2001 by Suzi Teitelman and has been rapidly growing in the yoga community. Doga can be you and your dog doing yoga together, you guiding them along with dog-friendly poses or just simply you doing your yoga thang while your fur baby is next to you. Doga is purely about the bond and experience between you and your pooch.

So, how can you benefit from this? It gets both you and your pup moving and doing something good together, how cute? Here’s why we think doga is the cat's pajamas.

Top 5 Benefits of doga

1. Bonding

Doga is all about bonding. Having a companion for yoga is a plus and having a fur baby for that position is perfect. Yoga is all about being in the moment and developing a sense of feeling self-awareness and oneness. Dogs are the moment! They live in the now, and they teach us to enjoy the simple things in life. Dogs are all about being a part of a pack and are all about union and companionship.

2. Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Staying in motion and breathing exercises; you just sound like you totally have your life together. Not only is it good for us humans to regularly stretch but it's good for our four-legged dogis too, preventing arthritis, improving circulation and motion.

3. Providing mental stimulation

It’s always fun to mix it up and provide mental stimulation for our fur babies whether it's interactive toys or going on a new trail for a walk. Doga is a fun and calming way to stimulate and keep things fresh out of their daily routine. Keeping their minds busy leaves less time for mischievous activities. I mean, what happens when you get bored?

4. Socializing

This is an activity that can be done anywhere, get out there and be social. Your fur baby needs to get some fresh air and some socialization… and you do too. Feel free to try new spaces and locations, mix it up! It is important to get out of the house, now more than ever. 73% of pet owners say their pets get them to exercise. So, in other words, totally take advantage of this. Try out a new park, a beach, a community center. Don’t go far and try some doga in your backyard. Your dog will be into it.

5. Checking on your dog’s health

Doga allows time to be spent with you and your pooch but also carves out some time to check on their health. Just like you should regularly keep up with your own body, it's good to make sure your pup is still rockin’ along with you.


Keep it fun and easy, don’t ever overthink it! Make it a reason to get out of the house and look cute. Show off your latest yoga set and pair it with our Dolce line, which compliments any athleisure wear. Summer is creeping around the corner, which means bright colors are back! As you can see in the photo above, our Dolce Aqua set practically styles itself.

Doga is all about bonding and being in the moment, take it all in and enjoy the time you have with your yogi dogi. Try some poses with your fur baby and if you’re lucky, you might even reach nirvana.

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