Is Made in Italy Just a Label? Not to Us!

By Roccoco Chic

The finest foods and wines, the most exquisite clothing and the top luxury cars are all Italian, to such an extent that Made in Italy is considered one of the most recognized “brands” in the world. But what does Made in Italy truly mean besides being a fancy label? 

To our founders, who hail from Italy, Made in Italy is synonymous with attention to detail, elegance, and the style that goes into manufacturing a product. But most importantly, Made in Italy represents the heritage of centuries of endless refinement in the art of craftsmanship, the honing of skills passed down from one generation of artisans to the next, the care for sustainable practices, the cult for perfection, and passion for making unique, beautiful things, worthy of being coveted even by the most demanding of tastes. 

To us, Made in Italy is history, and the story that each piece of clothing, each glass of wine, each piece of furniture is able to tell. It is a cultural heritage, which for us is the highest expression of luxury. 

At LE CALICÓ, our Italian heritage is sewn into every product for the purpose of sharing the joys of the La Dolce Vita with our chic customers and their fur babies. We express our Italian heritage in everything we do, and we take immense satisfaction in this knowing that our customers are getting the greatest quality products. Every time you place our luxurious accessories on your fur baby, we hope you are reminded of the rich Italian heritage that goes into making a piece of art here at LE CALICÓ.

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