Super Women and their Sidekicks

By Emily Oliveras

Photo by Kylie Jenner:

It’s the best time of the year, Women’s History Month! It isn’t always a walk in the park for us in this crazy world, but we couldn’t reach our successes without our biggest supporters-our fur babies! To celebrate women everywhere, here are some superwomen and their sidekicks. Who says a woman’s best friend is a diamond? Dogs need to be added to that list…

Simone Biles, the queen of Gymnastics and four-time Olympic gold medalist has two dogs. Simone is a mother to two adorable Frenchies named Lilo and Rambo. They even have their own Instagram account @thebilesfrenchies. She says that Lilo and Rambo help her cope with the pressures of being one of the world’s best athletes.

Photo by Simone Biles:

Paris Hilton is inseparable from her Tinkerbell, a two-pound teacup Chihuahua. This is one of the smallest breeds of the world. Paris says she ‘has a thing for small animals’ and takes ‘Tink’ everywhere. I have never been so jealous of a dog before.

Photo by Paris Hilton:

Drew Barrymore, an absolute ray of sunshine and her beloved fur babies. Drew has spoken about the unspoken connectivity and altruism we have with our animals. She values these relationships and mostly with rescues. Drew has two wonderful sidekicks, Douglass and Lucy. She rescued Doug from the pound at just eight weeks old, he had been left in a box on the side of the road. Doug and Drew found each other and it has been heaven on earth since.

Photo by Drew Barrymore:

Photo by Drew Barrymore:

Heidi Klum always does it big, with her iconic Halloween costumes and fun personality; her big dog does not stray away from the theme. Heidi has an Irish Wolfhound named Anton. Back in 2019 when Heidi had gotten Anton as a puppy, he was already almost twice the size of her!

Photo by Heidi Klum:

Lisa Vanderpump is a notorious dog mama! Lisa has four Pomeranians: Pikachu, Poppy, Giaglo, and Pink dog. Vanderpump has a golden retriever named Rumpy. In December, she opened up on Twitter about her retriever’s health issues, as Rumpy has cancer and is nine years old. She added two new rescues to the puppy mix named Binky and Puffy. What a doggy paradise!

Photo by Lisa Vanderpump:

Martha Stewart has two female French Bulldogs named Bete Noire and Creme Brûlée. She also has two Chow Chows named G.K and Peluche. G.K is a show dog and Peluche is his daughter. What a good-looking family!

Photo by Martha Stewart:

Kylie Jenner has an Italian Greyhound paradise. Kylie has Normie, Bambi, Sophia and Odie. She even has an Instagram account for Normie and Bambi, @normieandbamijenner.

Photo by Kylie Jenner:

Chrissy Teigen is a born animal lover. She has a lot to love in the Teigen family but just dogs alone, she has four. Penny, Pearl, Pebbles, and Petey. Back in the day, Chrissy had a bulldog, Pippa, who was her sidekick for 10 wonderful years.

Photo by Chrissy Teigen:

Photo by Chrissy Teigen:

Oprah Winfrey is all about her furry sidekicks. She has had over 20 dogs over the years. She is a spaniel gal: two springer spaniels, Sunny and Lauren, and a cocker spaniel, Sadie. Oprah speaks so genuinely about her fur babies, especially her late spaniel, Sophie. Sophie went everywhere with Oprah from the Grammys to the Gynecologist. Orpah says she has never been loved more than her dogs. 

Photo by Oprah Winfrey:

Salma Hayek is fond of any kind of animal interaction. Salma jokes that she has had to promise her husband she would stop with rescuing after ten dogs, alpacas, five parrots, horses, and cats. Salma swears that all her animals just happen to find her. The Hayek house sounds like a lot of fun. 

Photo by Salma Hayek:

We could do this fur-ever, the list goes on and on. There are so many unstoppable, powerful, influential women who also happen to be pawsome dog mommas. When you look at all these celebrities, they are just like us. We all have our fur babies that we want to spoil and have unconditional love for. If you’re really in the mood to spoil your beloved baby, check out our beautiful Dolce and Double Standard Collections. We are all so lucky and thankful for you and your sidekick. Tag us with your furry sidekick @Le_Calico_ .






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