Pride Parade 2022 - Fashion looks for you and your fur baby

By Emily Oliveras

It’s finally pride month! At Le Calicó we strive to celebrate memories, friends, family, acceptance, confidence, and love fur all. Presenting yourself in your best style on the outside is just as important as it is on the inside. If you’re planning on hitting the streets with your fur baby for the parade, here are three curated looks to have a cohesive paired look.

What to look out for this season:

- Bold colors

- Chunky shoes/boots

- Mixing textures and patterns

- Metallic and sequins

Look 1 

Our first look is a lot of fun, keeping it sophisticated but colorful. The constant battle with the heat is relatable for everyone like us in Miami; keep it cool with a light crop t-shirt. The hand-drawn look on the shirt is a playful and inventive way to be different from the cliché rainbow. A Gucci metallic skirt is a trendy statement piece; it serves the potential for countless looks. The Doc Martens are from a new release for pride month that gives a fresh take on the shoe.

For our locals, be prepared for a rainy day, especially in the summer. Give your fur baby the best with our Milano Raincoat from our Alta Moda Collection. If you love a good tote and don’t want to over-rainbow your entire look, take advantage of the bag or tote.  Along with your graphite color Dolce leash and collar, use a matching Mimí bag for quick access to treats or a credit card. Top it all off with a fun oversized pair of glasses, Diorxtreme Logo Mask Sunglasses have power to them. They add a mix of texture between the metallic skirt and the gingham pattern.

Look 2

Our second look is assertive, bold, and impressive. It is exciting. Mixing bold colors and patterns are what communicates these factors. Sweater vest styles are hot, it is a comfortable and unique alternative to a tank top. To match the red in the vest, a pair of red cowboy boots creates the statement. These Ralph Lauren shorts have vertical thin white and blue stripes that complement the fur baby’s light blue Tate T-Shirt from the Alta Moda Collection. The red buttons accent your look. The ruby-red from our Double Standard Collection collar and leash are complimentary. The core of the outfit holds the burst of color in the coach fanny pack. Along with your bag, hook on a Mimí bag in the neutral nude color to blend with the overall look. To complete the look, a sequin cowboy hat is a fun and bold way to look your best at this pride parade. 

Look 3

This look is so unstoppable. This Fannie Schiavoni Mini Dress is exciting and playful. Have your moment at the pride parade, be the moment in this dress. An obvious and classic choice of a pair of white Doc Martens draws the eyes to all the glimmer of the dress. The earrings, ring, and makeup accent the colors and the overall look. Your fur baby compliments the outfit with our Pink Tate Shirt from our Alta Moda Collection. The mix of textures and patterns adds depth to the look. Our aqua leash and collar from our Dolce Collection accentuate the undertones of blues in the dress. The Mimí bag serves the glamour of the whole look; the metallic of the bag and the way the dress is pieced together gives a disco ball vibe and we are here for it.

We hope you are as obsessed with these looks as we are. We also hope everyone has a fun, safe, memorable pride parade experience, and month! Tag us to show us to show off your pride look this year @Le_Calico_ on Instagram. The best beauty you can have is confidence, feel your best and look your best. Happy pride!



Outfit 1






Leash and Collar:

Dog Bag:

Outfit 2





Dog Shirt:

Dog Bag:

Outfit 3




Dog Shirt:

Leash and Collar:

Dog Bag:

Makeup Pallet:





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