Top 5 Favorite Dog Treats From Natural Cravings!

By Emily Scarcella

Having a treat once in a while is no fun if your fur baby can’t take part in the deliciousness too! This year we’re giving you a list of the best quality treats from one of our favorite brands - Natural Cravings. Their products are 100% USA-produced, and their sister brand, Barking Buddha, includes a sustainably sourced line with grass-fed treats, chews and bones. Now your precious pet can finally enjoy a treat as yummy as yours!

1. Super Monster Bully Sticks 

We all know how stinky those bully sticks can be, even though your fur baby loves them - we don’t love the smell. The USA Super Monster bully sticks are Natural Cravings #1 product and are long-lasting & odor-free.

2. Jerky Treats 

These treats come in beef, chicken and turkey meats and smell like the homemade barbecue we all know and love. The jerky treats will be a forever tried-and-true favorite of ours at LE CALICÓ. 

3. Barking Buddha Beef Cheek™ Slices 

Sustainably sourced and grass-fed, the Beef Cheek™ slices are rich in collagen. Available in natural and peanut butter flavors, and now also in vanilla mint, which are great for keeping your fur baby’s breath fresh!

4. Barking Buddha Cheese Chew 

The cheese chews are made from 100% yak and cow’s milk along with a pinch of salt and lime juice. They come in various sizes for all fur babies to enjoy hours of chewing fun while being an effective dental chew by removing plaque and promoting good oral health. They come in small, medium, large and XL for different size dogs.

5. Barking Buddha Peanut Butter Cow Ears 

For an extra special treat, try the Peanut Butter Cow Ears for your fur baby. Two ingredients that never fail for pups - peanut butter and cow ears.

We always ensure the best quality ingredients for our own fur babies here at LE CALICÓ. That’s why we want to share our favorite premium treats from Natural Cravings and Barking Buddha with you, so your own precious pets can have the same yummy treats that their human companions get to enjoy.

We choose to partner with our friends at Natural Cravings because they stand for the same core values we do: family first, philanthropy by re-investing in our communities, and support for small businesses. Natural Cravings is a 100% U.S.-based brand dedicated to providing premium quality products to your fur baby.

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