Influencer or Pet-influencer? 3 steps to make your fur baby a star!

By Emily Scarcella

It’s no surprise that our pets make for the most adorable social media content. I’ll be the first to say I follow a couple (maybe a ton) of pet and puppy Instagram accounts myself because who doesn’t need some precious pet pictures in their life?

Now is the time to hop on the trend and make your fur baby an Instagram star! Pet-influencers have opportunities to get awesome accessories and food brands sent to them for free in exchange for marketing their product across your growing social media platforms.

Here are three of the most important steps to help your fur baby become Insta-famous: 

  1. Master your photography skills

The key to a popular Instagram picture always starts with basic photography skills. Getting the correct lighting, a quality camera lens, and photo-editing skills are a must for an influencer-worthy picture to post, learn more about the best lens for you here. Check out this article on easy lighting tips to make your fur baby shine.  As a rule of thumb, the best lighting for portrait pictures is two hours before sunrise and sunset. Making sure to break up your feed by posting videos is important to keep your audience captivated. Keep your videos short and sweet so you don’t lose the audience’s attention.

  1. Create your pet’s “brand”

Haven’t you heard the saying, “branding is everything”? They say it because it’s true. After deciding on your fur baby’s unique qualities, you begin to create the vibe for your pet’s Instagram. This special quality is important because it shows the world why your pet is one, they should follow. It could be a cool trick like standing on their front two legs or as simple as the overall cuteness of your fur baby. Pet-fluencers now have been highlighting talents like “speaking” using interactive buttons and showing their cut laziness of always lying-in bed. Whatever you decide, take it and run with it.

  1. Learn to navigate Instagram like a pro

Everyone knows how to use Instagram as a viewer, but now it’s time to look at it as an influencer. Start by researching the top hashtags in the related area you are interested in like #petsofinstagram and #petsagram are popular now and include those in all your pet posts. To easily boost your following, always add cute videos and snapshots of your fur baby to your Instagram Story and be sure to post daily so you stay active on your followers’ feeds.  As you and your fur baby begin to grow a larger following, pet brands will reach out for marketing opportunities. Sponsored deals with trusted brands will not only help the company but also help increase your following as well. Make sure to only work with brands that your values align to remain authentic to your audience.

There’s no better time than now to start your precious pet’s road to fame. It only takes one viral photo or video to become famous nowadays, so get to snapping! Tag us in all your pet-influencer photos on Instagram at @le_calico_ and check out our blog for more helpful tips and tricks.

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