5 poses for Instagram-worthy pics of your fur baby

By Emily Scarcella

The struggle of trying to snap a cute picture with your fur baby for Instagram is definitely real. The key to getting the best photos is knowing the best poses for you and your pup. Having a game plan can seriously step up your photo quality, and all you need is your phone, fur baby, and maybe a treat or two!

  1. The Treat Method

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The treat method never fails, and we’ll admit, we even use it ourselves! Keep your fur baby’s excited attention by dangling the treat in front of your camera for the perfect shot. Whenever you’re having trouble getting your pup to stay still, grab a treat and get to snapping those pics. Your photogenic pup will give you nothing but happy, tongue-wagging smiles for your Insta-worthy shot. Make sure you always give your fur baby the treat at the end for a job well done! 

  1. Action-shots

Some fur babies are more energetic than others, and it may be near impossible to get a still shot of them, regardless of your method or camera speed. Why not capture your pup’s natural energy by throwing their favorite toy and using a fast shutter-speed option on your camera? This is a great pose for some cool outdoor shots! If you’re feeling creative, set your camera on a stand and start that timer! Everyone loves a cute action shot of a fur baby and its owner.

  1. Hold Tight

If your fur baby is tiny enough, a picture of you holding your pup is by far the best shot there is. Get creative with the poses, as you and your fur baby may face each other or may both face the camera, and a cute little kiss may be in order with this type of pose. This pose is even easier to do as a selfie, so hug your baby tight and snap that perfect picture!

  1. Up Close 

As your pup is laying down for an afternoon nap, try to get in close for a highly detailed picture. This photo comes out particularly cute when your precious pup falls asleep hugging their favorite toy or even belly up! Focusing the lens on your fur baby up close will get you that heartfelt picture with all of the details that make your pup so special.

  1. Dressed-up 

It’s hard to compete with a well-dressed person, let alone a well-dressed pup. Dress your fur baby in their cutest LE CALICÓ outfit for an iconic picture, or better yet snap a selfie! Whether it be a kimono from the Sakura Collection, a gown from our Bubbles Collection, or a piece from the ready-to-wear Alta Moda Collection like a shirt or a coat, these cute outfits will make you and your fur baby’s photo unforgettable - and maybe even famous!

These are the poses we love to use here at LE CALICÓ. They are the best tried-and-true methods for the perfect Instagram post to show the world how much you adore your fur baby!

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